Conjunctivitis in dogs: causes, symptoms

Conjunctivitis in dogs: causes, symptoms

Conjunctivitis in dogs is a very uncomfortable disease that is accompanied by painful symptoms. The causes can be race-related and result from environmental influences. Some dogs like the Cocker Spaniel often suffer from conjunctivitis due to their breed - Image: Shutterstock / Ingrid Prats

Conjunctivitis in dogs can either appear as an accompanying symptom of another disease or can be an independent disease. We would like to describe the most common causes below.

Conjunctivitis in dogs: possible causes

Due to breed, some dogs suffer from conjunctivitis more often than others. Animals that are bred with particularly large eyes, that have too wide or too narrow eyelids, or that are bred with hair on the edge of the eyelid, are particularly susceptible to eye disease.

If your dog is not hereditarily predisposed, bacterial infections can be the cause, as can those with fungi or viruses. A parasite infestation is also possible. External influences that can cause conjunctivitis include eye irritation due to dust, drafts, foreign objects in the eye or allergies.

Chronic conjunctivitis is also possible and occasionally occurs in young dogs. They are created by small lymph nodes on the back of the nick skin that irritate the conjunctiva constantly. Dog diseases in which eye inflammation occurs as an accompanying symptom are, for example, distemper or hepatitis.

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How to recognize the symptoms of conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis in the dog is accompanied by swollen eyelids and constant tears, which can look slimy and purulent and leave traces under the eyes of the animal. The eyes are red and itchy so that dog owners can observe that the dog is constantly scratching or running its paw over the eyes. He also blinks a lot.

Touching the eye area hurts the animal and it is likely to resist. Symptoms may also include light-shy and general malaise. For treatment, the sick dog should be taken to the vet as soon as possible.