Houdini-Horse: Horse as an artist of liberation

Houdini-Horse: Horse as an artist of liberation

A horse frees itself from its box. That alone would not be worth news. But the "Houdini Horse" named after the liberation artist even saved his friends from "captivity" afterwards. But even that is not enough in terms of curiosity: Because his mother simply leaves it in the box. Thoroughbred in his box: also a Houdini horse like Mariska? - Image Shutterstock / Diego Cervo

The real name of the mare is not Houdini, but Mariska. As the "Spiegel" reports, she lives on a farm in the US state of Michigan and has suddenly raised her profile with this video. Mariska's behavior is actually quite natural: who likes to be locked up?

Mariska frees herself: to freedom without mom

According to owner Sandy Bonem, from an early age the mare had a soft spot for putting things in her mouth and playing around with them, the news magazine continued. And at some point it worked out: skillfully she opens the metal latch of her horse box with her mouth and trots to the other boxes. Her mother is in the first box. There is not more than just a quick look inside - the door remains locked. Instead, Mariska trots on and frees her other horse friends.

Intelligent horse: a trick for every door

It is now known that horses are among the most intelligent animals. Nevertheless, it is astonishing that the mare seems to have a liberation trick in store for every door, gate and gate. But why she is leaving her mom behind is unclear - maybe she is afraid that she will not be so enthusiastic about her unusual horse hobby.

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    Praise Sabine: The little one will have known why the mom has to stay in the box. But just so cute. Report abuse