In the end, there was something going on: love Petra and the pedal boat

In the end, there was something going on: love Petra and the pedal boat

Petra the black swan falls in love with a white pedal boat. The unequal couple captivated people in Münster and beyond for two years. Then Paul came. But one after anonther. Image: Wikipedia via Münsterwiki / Meschede

Petra the Swan: In love with a pedal boat

The international press and the public are used to the love of animals on the part of the Germans. The cross-eyed possum Heidi, Knut, the world star among the polar bears, octopus Paul the fan-oracle - but even the toughest would not have believed a love story between a swan and a pedal boat.

The setting was the Westphalian city of Münster, more precisely the Aasee there. In 2006 a swan appeared there, which due to its inseparability compared to a colossal white pedal boat in the shape of a swan quickly became known as "Black Peter". The animal itself should have ensured that it was not noticed earlier that Peter was actually a lady.

Don't touch my boat!

Petra initially did not let anyone close to her and her lover. And if you dared, you had to put up with the threatening gestures of the black swan. After a while the boat could be rented out again, but not without Petra, who always paddled alongside. When both were shipped to the all-weather zoo in Münster during the winter, the same picture emerged - Petra didn't want to know about the many good-looking weeping swans in the zoo either.

But after two years of relationships, Paul, a white mute swan, was swimming in Petras. From then on, the new couple showed themselves turtling and beaking on the Aasee. The pedal boat romance that had even brought television teams from Japan and the United States to the scene was over.

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