Climbing, scratching and lying areas on the wall

Climbing, scratching and lying areas on the wall

Space-saving and very popular with climbers: these are cat furniture that can be attached to the wall. With a little technical skill, they can be attached quickly and safely and offer four-legged friends a varied range of fun. Climbing, scratching and lying areas on the wall - Image: Shutterstock / Irina oxilixo Danilova

1. Four-part climbing wall for room tigers with a thirst for adventure

If you live in a small apartment, want to save some space, or just want to create a beautiful climbing paradise for your pets, you will find various great options, such as this climbing wall. It consists of two beds, a scratching board and a hammock and can be attached to the wall in various ways so that nothing stands in the way of beautiful viewpoints and fun.

2. Large scratching post for animal sports cannons

Do you have a particularly climbing house tiger at home? Then a scratching post will surely offer him the perfect tobacco surface. This one offers space for playing, climbing, resting and hiding and comes with mounting material for mounting. The scratching surfaces are made of robust sisal and the cushions are made of cozy plush.

3. To rest: Cozy plush trough

Various lying areas that can be attached to the wall for cats prove that you can really make yourself comfortable on the wall. With a sturdy frame, a plush-covered lying surface and mounting material for attachment to the wall, this beautiful recess can also be used as a supplement for scratching furniture attached to the wall.

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