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A lucky kitten on a climbing tour

A lucky kitten on a climbing tour

In this video, the heroine is a particularly sweet lucky cat. It is still tiny, but very big when it comes to mawning, climbing and of course cuddling!

Very small cat paws, huge eyes, a magical meow and a beautiful, colorful fur: this baby cat is simply to fall in love with. If you look at her film like this, it is difficult not to be completely jealous of the owner of the baby fur nose, because the climbing tour of the cuddly mouse is really adorable.

A tricolor fur, the color of which is also known as a tortoiseshell pattern, occurs almost only in cats - it is very rare in cats. Colloquially, so pretty patterned four-legged friends are also called lucky cats - how cute!

Tricolor cats: fascinating good luck charms

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