Dog does not let master out of sight unobserved

Dog does not let master out of sight unobserved

Your master is very close to the heart of Maddie the dog. How much, that shows now a video that makes its rounds on the net.

A clip that Maddie's owner posted on Twitter shows how the owner apparently leaves the house. The dog lady is standing behind the window and is watching this very carefully.

But that's not all: As her master continues, Maddie suddenly appears in another window. The whole thing goes on for a while. Maddie's master writes on Twitter about the video of his probably more affectionate bitch: "When I'm outside, Maddie never leaves me unattended. Here's the proof."

The worried dog lady is pretty cute - various users find that too. For them the video and especially Maddie is very popular. "I love it so much," says one user. Another just said, "It's the cutest thing I've ever seen. I want a Maddie."

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