Blood poisoning in dogs: these are the symptoms

Blood poisoning in dogs: these are the symptoms

Dog blood poisoning can be fatal - so take your four-legged friend to the doctor as soon as you suspect symptoms of the condition. You should look out for the following signs. Fever is one of the most common signs of blood poisoning in dogs - Image: Shutterstock / Lindsay Helms

Because various organs can be affected by dog ​​blood poisoning, the symptoms of the disease also vary. Fever is a possible sign of sepsis, as the blood poisoning is called in technical language. The animal's breathing and pulse are often accelerated.

Possible symptoms of sepsis

Another possible symptom of the disease is acute kidney failure. Often, four-legged friends affected by it suffer from reduced urine production, that is, they emit less urine.

Blood poisoning is caused by an infection - almost any type can lead to sepsis. This could be an inflamed injury or an affected organ, for example. If the body does not independently manage to control the focus of infection, the pathogens - such as bacteria or viruses - and the toxins they produce multiply in large numbers. The body's immune system sets in motion a chain reaction that triggers poisoning.

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Blood poisoning in dogs: go to the doctor quickly

If you are concerned about blood poisoning in your dog, you should go to the veterinarian at the first sign. Unfortunately, the disease is quickly fatal. Another reason is that only a specialist with a large blood count can determine with certainty whether blood poisoning is really the cause of the symptoms and can order the appropriate treatment.