Ragdoll breeders show off their kittens

Ragdoll breeders show off their kittens

Oh, there is one more beautiful than the other! In this video, a few Ragdoll kittens can be seen on their first little explorations and are just adorable!

Well, there is something going on with this breeder - his little gang of rattles on sweet paws through the house and seems to have a lot of fun. Fluffy, with white fur, point drawing and blue eyes, they look very typical of this cat breed and also enchant with their curious, playful character.

You can see ten kittens from two cat mums in this video and all of them are only between four and five weeks old - just the right age to enjoy their first hours of play to their heart's content. At the very end you can see another cat mother, with her only one week old babies. How sweet!

Kittens in a cute twin look