Animal water fun: Initiative Hund im Freibad

Animal water fun: Initiative Hund im Freibad

The time has come again: The outdoor swimming pool season for people is over and some outdoor swimming pools are opening their gates for dogs. The Hund im Freibad initiative is committed to ensuring that as many swimming pools as possible prepare their outdoor pools for the four-legged friends at the end of summer before the outdoor pools are drained for winter. The water is of course chlorine-free. As can be seen in the video, the dogs have a lot of fun and cannot get enough of the cool water at all.

Mistress Lola and dog Lilly were together last year at the very first dog bathing day in Nuremberg. Lilly obviously enjoyed jumping into the pool with her dog buddies, shaking herself extensively and romping around with her favorite toys. Radio presenter Lola tries to interview one of Lilly's fellows, the Husky Balu. "Balu, do you want to say something too? How do you like it here?" She asks him. The husky apparently prefers to splash around rather than chat and bites the microphone cheekily.

If you want to know whether an outdoor swimming pool is organizing a dog day nearby, you can find out more on the homepage of the Initiative Hund im Freibad. A great idea!

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