Getting the cat and baby used to each other: tips

Getting the cat and baby used to each other: tips

Cats are creatures of habit - a baby as a new family member is a big change for them. Therefore, get your pet gently used to the toddler and always ensure sufficient safety. A scrutinizing look at the new family member: This cat is leading the way - Image: Shutterstock / Timofeyev Alexander

Every cat is different: some house tigers are not interested in babies at all. They're too loud for them and a bit scary overall, so they'd better stay away from them. Others are curious, want to get closer to the toddlers, take a closer look and sniff them. The cat owners should always stay with their pet and watch their reactions closely.

The first encounters between cat and baby

When cats and babies get to know each other, people should stay calm and radiate security. Such serenity is usually transferred to the animal, while hectic pace can make the house tiger insecure and fearful.

If the velvet paw is good, it should be praised with gentle words and pats. Of course, if you prefer to retreat again, you can do it: never force your pet to be close, but let them decide when and how long they want to get to know the baby.

Tips for a peaceful coexistence

Some cats tend to be jealous of new family members - try to avoid it by paying close attention to your pet. When visitors come to get to know your baby, they should also stroke your sensitive little tiger over the head to show them that they are important too.

Never leave the cat and baby unattended with one another and make sure that your pet is always able to escape when it is with the baby. Cat toys and cat bowls should be placed out of the reach of a crawling child - on the one hand for hygienic reasons and on the other to avoid jealousy.

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