Eco, eco, eco-mouse, that is something for a cat

Eco, eco, eco-mouse, that is something for a cat

Everything has been said about cat mice. Are you sure?

  • Testing of products and services for cats

Mice is definitely the number one cat toy. Loved by cats, the most frequently purchased toys by their Big Ones. What is it about these mice? Maybe the resemblance to real mice (sometimes very distant) triggers the cat's instincts. Either way, the mouse has more than one name, and it doesn't always look the same. Because mice can be furry, felt, fabric, string, stuffed with catnip, with a rattle inside, with a rattle attached to the tail, with feathers, on a string, on a stick. And it could be exchanged for a long time.

But there are mice - weirdos. Real pearls of design. In addition, it is ecological and economical - from recyclable materials, cheap, safe, easy to dispose of.

In the photo, just such eco-mice - made of corrugated cardboard. And do cats like them? You can check for yourself - let these mice be an inspiration for your toy works for cats.

Or maybe you came up with other cat toys? Send us photos, videos, show us!

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