What diseases are typical for old cats?

What diseases are typical for old cats?

Usually old cats become a little slower, calmer and more cuddly than their young peers. There are also certain diseases for which senior fur noses are particularly susceptible. Regular check-ups and an adapted environment can make your cat's life much easier. Old cats need particularly loving care - Image: Shutterstock / Budimir Jevtic

The movements are not as easy as they used to be, everything goes a little slower - old cats change over the years and become more sensitive to diseases. Be particularly loving with your velvet-pawed elderly woman and try to make it easier for her as many daily tasks as possible.

Kidney problems and other diseases

Old cats often have problems with organ functions, especially chronic renal failure is quite common in older fur noses. Certain breeds of cats, such as the Siamese or Maine Coon, are particularly at risk of developing kidney problems in old age. In addition, old cats often get heart problems such as heart muscle diseases. In addition, digestive problems such as constipation and constipation can cause problems for elderly house tigers.

Metabolic disorders such as diabetes and hormone disorders such as hyperthyroidism are other diseases that senior cats can get. In addition, both arthritis and osteoarthritis as well as dental diseases can cause pain. It is important that you go to the veterinarian with your old cat more often than too rarely and have regular checkups carried out. Recognized early, most complaints can be treated well with the right food, medication and other measures. Not all diseases can be cured, but the course can be slowed down and relieved.

Support old cats with love

So that your old cat can spend a peaceful retirement with you, you should make it as comfortable as possible. For example, place climbing aids in front of your litter box and in front of your favorite places when she can’t jump as well. Accept their little quirks, which may get a little quirkier with age.

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Old cats are usually a bit calmer and smoother than babies, so give them as much attention and pats as possible. Talk to your veterinarian about what nutrition your velvet paw is doing well.