Pets Show Off Their Halloween Spirit!

Pets Show Off Their Halloween Spirit!

These pets are celebrating Halloween in style! From a 3-legged pirate to Minnie Mouse, a fireman (firedog?) and an airplane, check out these adorable and often hilarious costumes. Happy Halloween from Our Site!

  • There's no place like home

    photo by Jill Hudson Steffer

  • This little guy is ready for the rodeo

    photo by Robin Kerestman

  • Minnie Mouse better watch out for Minnie Dog

    photo by Nicole Lee

  • Fire dog to the rescue!

    photo by Kristi Allison

  • "The Littlest Giant"

    photo by Barbara Berfield

  • It's a Chi-hula-hula dancer!

    photo by Bridgett Sosusco Quintana

  • Ready to go trick-or-treating!

    photo by Morgan An Anthony Baur

  • Hop on the most adorable jet plane!

    photo by Jill Hudson Steffer

  • Prepare for take-off!

    photo by Jill Hudson Steffer

  • This pup's ready for the X-Games

    photo by Kristi Allison

  • The cutest hotdog!

    photo by Gail Ochs

  • This samurai isn't messing around

    photo by Alma Velazquez

  • What an adorable unicorn!

    photo by Ferris Barksalot

  • Who knew the devil was so cute!

    photo by Sherrie Collins

  • This pup loves to pose, look at that holiday spirit!

    photo by Lisa Fink

  • Here comes the RUFFeree!

    photo by Kayla L. Brasch

  • Linda Parson's adorable 3-legged pirate, Girly, perfectly equipped with a wooden leg!

    And the best costume goes to...

It’s Howl-o-ween! 4 Easy Tips To Help Your Pet Enjoy the Holiday

POSTED BY: Primal Pet Foods

Halloween is a holiday that’s all about fun. Candy. Costumes. Ghosts. Goblins. Jack-O-Lanterns. Scary movies. Among all the major holidays, Halloween is perhaps the one most focused around simply having a good time—for humans, at least.

For your furry friends, however, Halloween is a toss-up! After all, some of the most prototypical Halloween activities, such as wearing costumes and eating candy, can be potentially stressful or dangerous for pets. However, if you follow these 4 easy tips for pet-proofing your haunted holiday, you’ll be on your way to providing a safe and fun HOWL-o-ween for your dog or cat.

Create a “trick-or-treat” candy alternative to traditional candy.

Candy is a centerpiece to most Halloween nights, whether it’s sitting in a decorative bowl or being collected into a giant bag. Unfortunately, almost all commercial candy is a dangerous no-no for your dog or cat—a fact that is likely hard for hungry fur babies to accept. So, if you want to include your pup in the “candy ritual” of the evening, you’ll need to scheme up some trick-or-treat alternatives to satisfy your pooch’s sweet tooth.

Our recreational bones are the perfect substitute for sugar-filled sweets, and our Pup-kin Spice Latte recipe will help you craft something seasonal and special for your pet!

Provide some “games” or “jobs” for them while they stay inside the house.

While it can be tempting to get your pet out and about among the trick or treaters roaming the neighborhood, it might be best to keep a nervous pooch indoors or nearby during the Halloween festivities. Halloween night is full of loud noises, bags of candy, masked faces, and dense crowds of people—all of which might become a stressor for your dog or cat.

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t set aside a little “Halloween fun” for your furry friend! There are many Halloween-themed toys or games you can buy for your pet to keep them entertained for the majority of the evening. You can have someone stay behind (or inside) with the pet to keep them company during the nighttime celebrations, and your pooch can be kept busy greeting trick-or-treaters when they pass by your home. In fact, a cute pet can often act as a calming presence for first-year trick-or-treaters who are nervous or frightened!

Pick a costume that isn’t overly restrictive or uncomfortable.

Dressing up your pet for Halloween can be a fun and hilarious experience—imagine yourself as a street vendor and your dog as a hot “dog.” However, if you aren’t careful with your choice in costume, your fur baby might end up suffering some for the sake of their cuteness or spooky-ness. Try to avoid anything that limits your pet’s mobility by restricting their legs, head, or torso. Also, be mindful of choking hazards, as many costumes contain smaller pieces or fabric that can be torn off and swallowed. Lastly, your pet should have some reflective gear or lights on their body, to stay visible to trick-or-treaters and passing cars.

Once your pet is in costume, it’s a good idea to assess their body language. If your pet is stressed or uncomfortable due to their Halloween apparel, they will likely send very clear signals of discomfort, such as persistent whining or fidgeting.

Find a pet-specific event for some spooky fun specially geared towards dogs and cats.

Particularly in larger urban areas, it is increasingly common to find Halloween-themed gatherings expressly designed for bringing along your furry friends. Dog parks will often host “costume parades” in which dogs and cats show off their adorable holiday spirit, or “trick or treat” opportunities where different pet treat vendors provide samples and bags for purchase. Local businesses will sometimes join in on the fun as well with bakeries offering treats to costumed pets for the day and local pet stores orchestrating hauntingly cute events of their own.

Halloween night is a fun night for most any age of human. However, your pet might have a completely different perspective. Just follow these 4 easy tips to make sure everyone—your pooch included—is having a fun and spooky time this Halloween.

Best Pet Halloween Costume photo contest: Enter by simply emailing picture of your fur-baby until Oct. 18

Our pets either love us or hate us for dressing them up for Halloween, but they look so cute in their costumes! Show off your adorable pet regardless if it's a cat, dog or gerbil -- by entering our Best Pet Halloween Costume photo contest. It's easy to enter -- just send a photo of your pet in their costume to [email protected] - Photo by Yadi Rodriguez,

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Fall is in the air and Halloween is right around the corner. While the coronavirus may have put a damper on our traditional parties and trick-or-treating plans for 2020, we still enjoy this time of year and look forward to the creative costumes people come up with. And we can’t leave our furry animals out of the mix.

To help everyone keep in the spirit of all things spooky and festive, is conducting a photo contest to determine the Best Pet Halloween Costume. You can enter your pet in the contest simply by emailing us a photo (details below) by Oct. 18. We want to see all of your pets in costume. We are not limiting this to just dogs and cats. So if you have a turtle, lizard, hedgehog -- you name it -- and you have a costume for it, we want to see your pets.

So pull out that old Halloween costume out of the closet or take a look at all of the adorable options online and dress up that family member who will be thrilled with whatever you choose for them. or maybe not. Just be sure you pull out your phone and snap a great picture to share with us and our readers.

How to enter the Best Pet Halloween Costume photo contest:

  • Email a photo of your pet dressed in their Halloween costume to [email protected] The deadline is Sunday, Oct. 18 at 11:59 p.m. The contest is open to pets from the seven-county coverage area of Cuyahoga, Lake, Geauga, Lorain, Summit, Medina and Portage.
  • Past years' photos are OK. We will choose up to 100 pets to include in the contest. Remember, just one photo per pet will be accepted, so choose carefully!
  • To be considered, be sure to include your pet’s name, breed (if applicable) and one sentence about your animal, such as favorites or a trick or what makes him/her special. And include your name, your hometown and who took the picture, along with your phone number in case we have questions.
  • Due to copyright laws, if you did not take the photo we need the name and contact phone number of the photographer, as well as their written consent to publish the photo.
  • We will select up to 100 contenders and publish their costume photos Oct. 21-25. The photos will be organized in alphabetical order according to pet name. All content will be published at
  • A panel of judges will determine up to 20 finalists. The finalists will be announced Oct. 26.
  • Readers will vote for their favorite in an online poll to determine the winner of the Best Pet Halloween Costume photo contest. Voting in the poll begins Oct. 26 and ends Oct. 29 at noon.
  • We’ll announce the winner Oct. 30.

We can’t wait to see all the pets dressed up in costumes!

Pets Show Off Their Halloween Spirit! - pets

Halloween is a fun time for families to celebrate with spookiness, creative costumes, and of course, candy! Most pets, however, may find the festivities a bit too much—almost like a nightmare. For them, there’s nothing exciting about loud noises and strangers in weird costumes knocking at your door every minute. Your pet’s curiosity may also […]

Halloween is a fun time for families to celebrate with spookiness, creative costumes, and of course, candy! Most pets, however, may find the festivities a bit too much—almost like a nightmare. For them, there’s nothing exciting about loud noises and strangers in weird costumes knocking at your door every minute.

Your pet’s curiosity may also get the best of them as they chew on electrical cords of Halloween decorations or sticking their heads in lit up jack-o’-lanterns. Along with indoor dangers, there are also various outdoor dangers that could pose a threat for your furry friend. It’s important, as pet parents, to be aware of these potential threats and stay prepared.

While you get ready for Halloween, be sure to keep your pets safe with the following tips!

1. Keep chocolate away from reach.

Halloween isn’t Halloween without some yummy chocolates! While these treats are an absolute delight for us humans, they aren’t exactly good for our pets, especially dark chocolate. Puppies, cats, mice, and many other pets can suffer from deadly reactions when they consume chocolate-y treats.

Chocolate contains a compound called theobromine, which humans can break down easily once ingested. Most pets do not have the ability to do this, causing theobromine to increase to toxic levels in their bodies. Some severe reactions to chocolate include trembling, vomiting, and heart failure.

Instead of toxic treats, opt for yummy ones instead! Check out our 5 Best Homemade Dog Biscuits For Your Puppy for some DIY options.

2. Do not feed any candy to pets.

Trick-or-treating candy may seem harmless at first. After all, many candies are chocolate-free and should be safe enough for your pet to eat…right? Think again.

It’s true that many candies do not contain chocolate, but they do have another toxic compound: xylitol. Xylitol can be found in numerous sugar-free bubblegums, mints, and sweets that can make your pet very sick.

Even chewing a small piece of gum can cause your puppy to vomit, have a sudden drop in blood sugar, and even seizures. Many candies also have high amounts of sugar, which can make your furry friend have a tummy ache. Just keep all candies away from your pets it’s better to be safe than sorry!

3. Light candles in a safe area.

Candles are a great way to bring on the Halloween spirit to any home. Unfortunately, our pets do not understand the dangers of a lit candle.

A curious kitty may think a candle is a toy, knocking it over and starting a fire. Same goes with lit up jack-o’-lanterns and other Halloween decorations. To prevent unwanted accidents or injuries, make sure all candles and jack-o’-lanterns are out of your pet’s reach.

4. Watch out for extension cords and batteries.

Halloween decorations often need to be plugged into an outlet to show off their spookiness. Many pets, like a teething puppy, kitten, or bunny, may use extension cords as their personal chew toys, leading to potential danger.

Battery-powered decor may also pose a threat as batteries are known to cause chemical burns in your pet’s tummy. You can prevent these injuries by hiding extension cords, batteries, and other hazards away from your pet. Be vigilant when your puppy is near any extension cord.

5. Move Halloween plants far away.

Pumpkins and corn always add that special aesthetic touch to a house during the Halloween season. Small amounts of either plant are safe for most pets to ingest, but as Halloween decor, these can cause serious problems.

If consumed in large quantities, pumpkins and corn can lead to intestinal blockage and painful stomach aches in your pet. Some pumpkin displays may also contain mold that can cause neurological problems in dogs and cats. As a precaution, do not allow your pet near the pumpkin and corn decor.

6. Make sure costumes are comfy.

We all love to dress up for Halloween, whether for trick-or-treating or a fun Halloween party. And with the numerous pet costumes available online and in store, it’s fun to let our furry friends join in on the festivities!

If you’ve decided to dress your pup up for Halloween, make sure the getup does not restrict their movements. Their costume should not choke them or block their hearing and eyesight. Pay attention to your pet while they have their costume on, in case something goes wrong.

For some puppies or kittens, wearing a costume can be stressful or annoying. If you notice your pet shows signs of distress with their costumes on, take it off immediately. Do not force your pet to continue wearing the attire. You can choose a simple bandana or bowtie for a simple Halloween outfit. Check out our 10 Hilarious Halloween Costumes For Your Puppy for some cute (and funny) ideas!

7. Leave your pets indoors at all times.

It’s sad to say, but Halloween can bring out the ugly side of people. Dogs and cats (especially black cats) may become victims of terrible pranks if left in the yard on Halloween night. These pranks may leave your pet traumatized, injured, or even stolen. To be on the safer side, have your pet inside the house while the spooky festivities go on.

8. Place your pet in a quiet room.

The noises and strange costumes can make your pet incredibly stressed and anxious. On top of this, the constant opening and closing of the door can give your pet the opportunity to run out into the night. Your pet may also display aggression towards strangers, especially if their costumes are very ghoulish.

Keep your pet’s night stress-free by placing them in a quiet room that drowns out the excitement of Halloween. Make sure you leave their favorite toys, blankets, and other items with them. You can also try some of the calming remedies on our blog, How to Calm Your Puppy During A Thunderstorm.

9. Make sure your pet has ID.

On Halloween, you should have your pet’s ID and microchip ready and activated in case of emergencies. You never know when your pet can dart out the door and escape. An ID tag and microchip will give you a better chance at having your cuddly pet pal returned to you.

At Petland, our puppies are microchipped before purchase, and puppy parents have a chance to register it on the database. Once purchased, all that’s left is for owners to regularly update the information on the tag and ID. It’s important to do this, as it can help others identify you if your pet becomes lost.

You can use Halloween (and other holidays) as a reminder to renew the contact information on your pet’s IDs.

10. Do not let your pet near glowsticks.

Glowsticks are a common Halloween prop that can add unwanted problems if pet-parents aren’t careful. The liquid inside of a glowstick isn’t toxic to humans or animals, but a pet that chews one open can become upset.

The material does not only taste awful, but may also cause vomiting or a bad tummy ache—not so fun for either pet or owner! Keep glowsticks away from your pet as much as you can.

If your pet happens to chew their way into one, wash their mouth off with water or give them a small meal to clear it out.

Halloween can be fun and festive for everyone, but without the right precautions, it can easily turn stressful. Remember to consider your pet’s comfort and safety before taking them out trick-or-treating or to a Halloween event. Always stay calm and prepared at all times. Whether they join in on the spooky festivities or stay in a quiet room, we’re sure your puppy will have an exciting, safe time on Halloween!

Make sure to check out our blog, Remember: Candy and Puppies Don’t Mix to learn more about what your puppy shouldn’t eat on Halloween.

Photo contest for Best Pet Halloween Costume email picture until Oct. 18

Our pets either love us or hate us for dressing them up for Halloween, but they look so cute in their costumes! Show off your adorable pet by entering them in the Best Pet Halloween Costume photo contest. It's easy to enter -- just email a photo of your pet in their costume to [email protected] (Petco)

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Halloween is getting closer by the minute. Don’t let the coronavirus take all the festive spooky spirit out of you. If you have a pet, we invite you to enter our contest to find the Best Pet Halloween Costume simply by emailing a photo to [email protected].

No chance to go costume shopping yet this year? Dig out your photo of your pet from last Halloween if you must.

To get in the Halloween spirit and the fun of seeing costumes, is conducting a photo contest to determine the Best Pet Halloween Costume.

It’s easy to enter your pet -- just email a photo (details below) until Oct. 18. We want to see all of your pets in costume, not just cats and dogs. So whatever two- or four-legged furry friend you have at home, as long as they are in costume, we want to see them.

Go through your phone for photos, or take a few minutes for a new photo shoot of your adorable pet dressed up. We’re starting to receive pictures and can’t wait to see more.

Watch the video: Halloween 2020 - Dogs in DIY Halloween Costumes Compilation