Raising bobtail properly: This is important

Raising bobtail properly: This is important

Due to its friendly nature, the bobtail is not too difficult to educate. His slight penchant for stubbornness, herding instinct and sensitivity, however, do not make him an absolute beginner dog. The upbringing for the bobtail begins in puppy age - Image: Shutterstock / Pedro Monteiro

It is important that you start working with your dog early and explain all basic commands to him from the start. If you are too lenient with your puppy, you will have a hard time later.

Raising a Bobtail: Basics

When educating a bobtail, it is important to keep the measure of things. Work with a lot of calm and praise, because this sensitive dog can hardly handle toughness. Nevertheless, your dog must never doubt that you are the boss in the house. You should also take into account that your pet is naturally a little stubborn from time to time when trying to train commands with him. Even his herding instinct could mean that he doesn't work as quickly and willingly as you expect from time to time - if you don't have the necessary experience, you shouldn't be afraid to get a dog trainer to help.

Note the specifics of the breed

Consider the size and temperament of these animals during their upbringing - even if they are very dear, their exuberance could make them intimidating. It is therefore important that he listens to you very well. Work early on that your bobtail learns not to jump on anyone. Many representatives of this breed like to do that.

Sweet bobtails on tour

If your dog barks as soon as someone else comes into your garden or rings the bell, you shouldn't be surprised. As a four-legged friend with an innate hat and watch instinct, he simply has to announce unknown visitors to him. However, he would normally never be aggressive towards them because he is very friendly.

When bringing up your dog, you should also bear in mind that all the commands that you have trained your dog and its good socialization can only take effect if it is well-used and treated in a manner appropriate and lovingly.